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Machine ShopMachine Shop
Equipment :
Hardinge ST225-B Swiss-Type Lathe
- 1.000" maximum material diameter
- 3 O.D. live tools (main spindle)
- 1 front face live tool
- Sub spindle for back face machining
- 5 degree index (main and sub spindles)
- Equipped with Iemca automatic bar feeder
- X, Y, Z axes (main spindle)
- Y, Z axes (sub spindle)
Hardinge Conquest 42
- 16C Collets 1.625" maximum material diameter
- 12 Tool turret
- X, Z axes
Hardinge DSM 5-9 Super Precision 2nd Operation Lathe
- 5C collets 1.000" maximum diameter
- Slater rotary broaching tooling
Bridgeport Milling Machine
- Procunier high-speed tapping head
Harig 612 Precision Surface Grinder
- Simco micro-grind spin/index grinding fixture
- J&S Fluidmotion Radius Wheel Dresser
Servo Precision Sensitive Drill Press
- 10-20,000rpm for micro hole drilling
Kalamazoo 2FSM Belt Sander

Delta Bench Drill Press